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Abloom tea flowers

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Creano - Tea blossom Discovery set (x4)
4 tea blossom
7.50 €
Creano - Jasmine Tea Blossom
5g bag
2.05 €
Creano - 6 white tea flowers box
6 white tea flowers
14.70 €
Creano - Teapot and Abloom Black Tea Flowers Gift Set
1 glass-carafe and 6...
29.95 €
Creano - Black tea flowers
six black tea flowers
14.70 €
Creano - 4 organic white tea flowers box Organic food
4 white tea flowers
14.70 €

Abloom's range of tea flowers offers tea lovers an entirely new experience.

When the tea flower buds come into contact with boiling water, the petals gradually open up. At the end of the infusion time the exotic flowers will have fully 'bloomed', revealing all their beauty.

These tea flowers are true works of art, and are highly prized in China. The ability to make them requires an astonishing level of skill, which takes years of practice and training to perfect.

Abloom tea is made from the very highest quality white tea (Bao Hao Yin Zhen and Silver Needle varieties) from the Fujian mountains in China.

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