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Soripa - Ascorbic acid
400g box
33.35 €
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The firm Soripa provides spices, flavorings condiments, and flavoring paste to gourmet and creative chefs, as well as gourmets. Coming from a hotel manager family, Marcel Mirebeau created the society in 1949, he wanted to provide a range of food to French chefs, hitherto obliged to get their food locally.

From generation to generation, culinary innovations succeeded in line with technological advances such as tin or vacuum. Thirty years after its creation, the company moved and expanded, allowing deliveries throughout French territory. Spices from everywhere, algae, fruity condiments, extraordinary soups, preparations for desserts ... the range is always expanding by innovation and French culinary tradition.

From the 1990s, the company created its own laboratory, and started manufacturing its own products, always more daring: "We are at the delicatessen what Apple is to the computer" usually says Michel André Mirabeau, the third generation of the family. Soripa now has three flagship products: condiments, spices and flavorings, in a spirit of fun and tradition. According to the current leader of the company, "Recipes of yesteryear or new harmonies, the kitchen is primarily a creative job and passion, it’s up to us to invent new tools ...".

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