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Established in 1796, the house Mulot & Petitjean takes its expertise from a long tradition of Dijon Gingerbread makers. Today, the company has about fifty employees. It is the oldest Dijon gingerbread factory and store, and one of the few last family businesses over two hundred years of existence.

The firm Mulot & Petitjean was born in 1901 from the union of Auguste Petitjean and Marguerite Mulot, both gingerbread workshops heirs, respectively Cery founded in 1831 and Boittier founded in 1796. The company is based in the mansion Catin of Richemont, a local neo-Gothic building of the fifteenth century and the former Boittier’s place.

The Profession

Nowadays, know-how is still preserved, given from father to son: secret, selection of quality ingredients, codes of practice ... training and good team management allow employees to feel all responsible for quality and image conveyed by their products for the greatest pleasure of customers; controls by the French health authorities are also taking place. Beside the traditional aspect of the products, new flavors creation and sensory analysis make Mulot & Petitjean innovate day after day…

The Authentic Gingerbread

Gingerbread has always been appreciated : known since the Antiquity, it is part of French gourmet heritage. Industrial methods have been adopted, but the ancestral know-how remains. Gingerbread is made from a mother-dough made of flour, honey and sugars. Kneaded, left aside, taken again, mixed and softened during the preparation, the dough will be incorporated into the dough other ingredients: eggs yolks, yeast and flavorings. Mother-dough is then laminated and cut with a punch or molded and baked. Finally, the gingerbreads are filled, sugar-coated or covered with candied fruit.

Mulot & Petitjean also sells shortbreads, nonettes and surprising-taste candies for the greatest pleasure of all food lovers.

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