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About Truffières de Rabasse

Black truffle, Tuber melanosporum

The truffle is a mushroom living underground in symbiosis with a tree, an oak in most cases. It cannot be grown artificially and can only be found by the nose of the dog. In addition to being a rare and precious dish, this ingredient has a pronounced fragrance besides a strong and fine taste.

Called "Kitchen Diamond", black truffle magnifies all the dishes it goes with. Since ancient times, truffles are harvested between December and March, when they reache the right stage of maturity. A very ripe truffle is black, with a firm texture and has small white ribs inside.

It is an art to know how to choose, cook, and sublimate truffles into delicacies. Truffière de Rabasse owns that art and will be pround to make you try its specialities. These products are so fragrant that small amounts are sufficient to give flavor to a dish.

Conservation Tips

Keep your fresh truffles protected from moisture: over rice, on paper towel or in an airtight jar. In this way, they will be kept for ten days in a refrigerator and few months in a freezer. Canned truffles keep long but need to be eaten within two or three days after opening. Conservation in oil or alcohol is to be avoided, because it will make the bacteria develop.

Truffières de Rabasse, excellence in all its forms

Pleasure, respect, excellence. These are the values of the company Truffières de Rabasse and Christian Etienne’s, a French cooker who contributes to the company.

- Truffle’s Pleasure. For the nose, the flavor, the fragrance, but also such a pleasure to offer exceptional truffle products made with so much care, nice to know customers satisfied.

- Respect. The Truffières de Rabasse products respect both the environment and consumers, by the choice of healthy, natural, quality products, harvested at full ripeness.

- Excellence all along the line, from selection to product development, through strict quality controls. The company is continuously innovating to offer its customers new ways to enjoy truffles.

The selection Truffières de Rabasse

Truffières de Rabasse - Black Truffle Virgin Olive Oil
9.90 €
Truffières de Rabasse - Black Truffle Pieces
16.20 €

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