Chéreau Carré

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Chéreau Carré - La Griffe Bernard Chéreau 12% - Muscadet Chéreau Carré
Chéreau Carré
75cl Bottle
6.50 €
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Chéreau Carré - Muscadet Le Clos du Château l'Oiselinière de la Ramée 12,5%
Chéreau Carré
2009 - 75cl bottle
11.95 €
Chéreau Carré - Carré Blanc French White Wine - 12%
Chéreau Carré
75cl Bottle
5.95 €
Chéreau Carré - Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie Comte Leloup du Chasseloir 12%
Chéreau Carré

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Located in the heart of the Sevre and Maine since 1412, a French department, the vineyards Chéreau Carré include four dommaines:

- Castle Chasseloir

- Castle the Oiselinière of Ramee

- Castle of Chesnaie

- Domaine du Bois Bruley

Specializing in the production of Muscadet, the soil is very specific, enjoying a climate and soil or particular.

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