Rince Cochon

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Rince Cochon - Rince Cochon - Speciality Belgian Beer - 8.5%
Rince Cochon
2.90 €
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Rince Cochon - Rince Cochon Glass
Rince Cochon
50cl glass
7.95 €
Rince Cochon - 24-bottle Rince Cochon set in case
Rince Cochon
24 bottles 33cl set
62.70 €
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Born about twenty years ago, Rince Cochon beer was formerly produced by the brewer SBA, in Annoeulin, France. Since 2010, the light ale is brewed by Haacht, Belgium and meets a great success in Europe and in United States.

Made from water, malt, hops, barley and yeast, Rince-Cochon is a high fermentation beer typical of northern France and Belgium. It is sweet and slightly golden, but with a high alcohol level: 8.5% vol.

This specialty beer has aromas of fine malty aromas and slightly sweet flavors, giving it a rich and complex taste.

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