Organic, gluten-free, sugar-free or lactose-free, you will find all the breakfast products in line with your diets. Discover our selection of foods and drinks for delicious awakenings filled with vitamins.

Our breakfast essentials

Celnat - Organic Highlander muësli Organic food
4.35 €
Emmanuelle Baillard - Black currant nectar from Burgundy
Emmanuelle Baillard
25cl bottle
3.00 €
La Maison d'Armorine - Salidou Salted Butter Caramel Sauce in a jar
La Maison d'Armorine
2.95 €
English Tea Shop - Organic herbal tea - Energise me teabags Organic food
English Tea Shop
4.10 €
Maison Sauveterre - All flowers Honey from Lozère
Maison Sauveterre
11.50 €
Le pain des fleurs - Crunchy organic buckwheat toast - gluten free Organic food
Le pain des fleurs
3.05 €
Saveurs Attitudes - Organic Wild Blueberry Jam no added sugar Organic food
Saveurs Attitudes
310g jar
6.50 €
Maison Taillefer - Salted Butter Caramel and Milk Chocolate Tarts
Maison Taillefer

Product available soon

Spreads new arrivals

Al wadi - Sesame Paste
Al wadi
454g pot
8.10 €
Lyle - Lyle's Golden Syrup Maple Flavour
454g bottle
4.30 €
Paradeigma - Organic Tiger nut and Cocoa Spread Gluten Free Organic food
200g jar
6.00 €
L'Abeille de Ré - Caramel Cream with Honey from Charente Maritime
L'Abeille de Ré
220g jar
8.45 €
Saveurs Attitudes - Organic Lemon curd no added sugar Organic food
Saveurs Attitudes
310g jar
4.05 €
La Maison de la cerise - Withe Cherry Jam with Saffron from France
La Maison de la cerise
260g jar
7.95 €
Comptoirs et Compagnies - Organic Coconut Sugar Paste Organic food
Comptoirs et Compagnies
270g pot
8.05 €
Le Clos du Nid - All Flowers Honey - Solidarity Honey
Le Clos du Nid
3.70 €

A wide selection of breakfast products

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A well-balanced breakfast allows you to start the day in the best way possible and recharge your batteries.

It is ideally composed of a hot drink necessary for the body rehydration, fruits, cereals and eventually dairy products. With their carbohydrates, cereals will perfectly meet your energy needs to get the day off to a good start.

You can also wake up with delighted mood with our honeys and jams, from classic to the most original recipes. Whether you prefer tea or coffee in the morning, has selected the best hot drinks for breakfast. For the gourmets, do not hesitate to let yourself be tempted by a tasty hot chocolate.

Begin your days in great shape with our selection of vitamin-rich fruit juices: pomegranate juice, apple juice, cherry juice, watermelon juice, grape juice, orange juice...

The flagship brands

Around breakfast

Breakfast pack

Breakfast discovery pack

Get all the pure breakfast wonders with this breakfast kit created especially for you. Between mueslis, spreads, teas, tarts and pomegranate juice, you will love this gourmet moment.

Vegetal milk

Organic and vegetal milks

Change your habits and go for a vegetal alternative to cow's milk. You will definitely enjoy La Mandorle organic almond milk as well as rice, oat or soya drinks from The Bridge Bio.

Alain Milliat

Fruit juices and jams Alain Milliat

With an objective to « enhance the quality of raw materials orchards », the producer Alain Milliat offers you high quality fruit juices and jams, with authentic and inimitable tastes.

Quinoa Crack

Quinoa crack, the super cereal that cracks

Enjoy the benefits of quinoa at breakfast! Gluten-free, no sugar added and grown in France, Quinoa crack is a real treat that you can consume in a glass of milk, a vegetal drink or a yoghurt in the morning.

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