Candlemas - Ideas for your crepes

Homemade crepes

Enjoy homemade crepes for candlemas, Mardi Gras or just when you feel like it. The recipe for crepes batter is relatively quick and easy to make.You can eat them in a sweet version for dessert, snack or breakfast, but also in a salty version as an aperitif, starter or even main course. You can enjoy them plain or in a much more greedy way by filling them with, for example, jam, honey, spread, traditional butter-sugar...

The essential ingredients for your crepes

Out of the ordinary spreads

La Maison d'Armorine - Salidou Salted Butter Caramel Sauce in a jar
La Maison d'Armorine
100g jar
2.95 €
Thursday Cottage - Lemon Curd
Thursday Cottage
310g jar
5.35 €
Ferme Vifranc Inc. - Pure organic maple butter from Canada Organic food
Ferme Vifranc Inc.
8.85 €
Léonard Parli - Calisson Spread
Léonard Parli
300g jar
10.95 €
Malakoff Company - Spread Milk Chocolate "feuilletine" - Malakoff
Malakoff Company
240g jar
8.35 €
Bovetti chocolats - Milk Chocolate and Caramel Spread
Bovetti chocolats
5.80 €
Marmite - Marmite Yeast extract
125g jar
4.90 €
Le Fondant Baulois - Chocolate Spread in a tube - Le Baulois
Le Fondant Baulois
125g tube
6.95 €

Crepes with exotic flavours

Délices M'amour - Guava Jam From Guadeloupe
Délices M'amour
325g jar
3.95 €
Délices M'amour - Coco Jam From Guadeloupe
Délices M'amour
315g jar
4.85 €
Coopac - Mango and Banana Jam from Mayotte
380g jar
7.50 €
Délices M'amour - Apple Jam From Guadeloupe
Délices M'amour
325g jar
3.95 €
Jardin d'Eden - Pumpkin and Tamarind Jam from Mayotte
Jardin d'Eden
380g jar
7.95 €
Jardin d'Eden - Pienapple and Mango Jam from Mayotte
Jardin d'Eden
380g jar
7.50 €


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