Yes, snails! Or escargots if you want to be a little more French about it. This classic French dish may not be for everyone, but you've got to try them at least once!

We suggest you start with the Burgundy Snails: grill them with parsley and garlic butter, or cook them in cream with garlic, lemon juice and chives... yes, we may be a little biased here, but their flavour really is unparalleled!

Georges Blanc - Burgundy Snails
Georges Blanc
The 200g jar (net...
13.10 €
Georges Blanc - Snail Pâté with Parsley
Georges Blanc
The 180g jar
13.95 €
Bourgogne Escargots - Very Large and Empty Snail Shells
Bourgogne Escargots
Packet of 48 shells
19.90 €
Bourgogne Escargots - Very Large and Canned Bourgogne Snails
Bourgogne Escargots
10.30 €
Bourgogne Escargots - Empty Shells and Burgundy Snails
Bourgogne Escargots
125g packet
19.35 €
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