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Whether you use them in puddings, cakes, sweet and sour recipes or just to snack on, preserved fruit are well worth having in the larder. Our range includes rather wicked Griottine cherries in kirsch, apricots in Amaretto, chestnuts in cognac, not to mention delicious peach halves and creamed prunes.

Vitamont - Pure Organic Lemon Juice Organic food
25cl bottle
2.40 €
Fresh Oranges from Portugal
12.50 €
Grandes Distilleries Peureux - Griottines® - Cherries in Liqueur
4.90 €
Grandes Distilleries Peureux - Griottines® - "Le Parfait"
26.80 €
Vitamont - Pure Organic Lime Juice Organic food
25cl Bottle
2.55 €
Racines - Organic Coconut Milk Organic food
1.55 €
Racines - Coconut milk
20cl briquette
1.20 €
Vergers de Gascogne - Apricot Halves in Syrup
4.10 €
Ethnoscience - Organic mulberries Organic food
4.80 €
Rapunzel - Organic Dried Physalis Rapunzel Organic food
6.80 €

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