BienManger offers you a selection of kitchen utensils: juice extractor, mould, food wrap, small appliances, siphon, accessory, decoration,... You will find below everything you need to experiment amazing recipes and to make you happy in the kitchen.

Juice extractor

Juice extractor : a revolution !

Save time in making your favorite fruit and vegetable juices with our incredible juice extractors. Easy to prepare, your juices will preserve all the nutritional qualities of fruits and vegetables, while limiting the fiber intake.


Zoom on the brand Kilner

With english origins, the brand Kilner is specialized in the conception of preserving jars. From a unique and recognized design, discover the whole range of Kilner products: glass bottles, drinks dispenser, honey pots....

The essential kitchen utensils

Yoghurt pot lids
1.95 €
Etoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile vide
Long Stainless Spout
2.65 €
Etoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleine
Sardine tin presentation tins with rectangular lid
1.15 €
Etoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleine
Brasserie Bosteels - Triple Karmeliet Glass
Brasserie Bosteels
40cl glass
6.50 €
Etoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleine
Terres Cuites de Raujolles - Terracotta pizza stone
Terres Cuites de Raujolles
Size 40x30x2.5cm
43.90 €
Etoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleine
Sturia - Mother-of-Pearl Caviar Spoon
3.50 €
Etoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleine
On The Rocks - Blue Granite Whisky Ice Cubes from Brittany
On The Rocks
15.95 €
Etoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleine
Honey Spoon
12,5cm spoon
2.25 €

New kitchen utensils and accessories

Spritz Stemmed Glass
4.50 €
Lolea - Lolea Stemmed Glass
4.50 €
Etoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleine
Giemme - Inox pizza shovel
The shovel
23.95 €
Audary Castelnaudary - Soil Dish for Cassoulet
Audary Castelnaudary
5.95 €
Etoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile pleineEtoile videEtoile vide
Distilleries et Domaines de Provence - Golden 'Palette"' Absinthe Spoon - Absente
Distilleries et Domaines de Provence
One spoon
3.85 €
L'atelier du vin - Cellar Discs - Atelier du vin
L'atelier du vin
80 discs box
29.90 €
Yellow Mug
2.95 €
Etoile pleineEtoile videEtoile videEtoile videEtoile vide
Final Touch - Tapping Kit
Final Touch
24.95 €

A wide selection of cooking tools

In order to make delicious dishes for your guests, you need high-quality kitchen utensils and accessories. Reliable, practical and functional, our utensils will facilitate all your food preparations.

We offer durable products which will allow you to use them every day without any constraints. Regardless of your cooking level, our utensils and accessories are accessible to all cooking lovers, from novices to real professionals. You will be able to make various dishes, from starter to dessert, thanks to our wide range of diversified products.

Each one of our utensils compulsorily meet these 4 criterias: time saving, high-quality, precision and efficiency.

The flagship brands

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