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Sausages & saucissons

Sometimes the most simple things are the best. A lunch of dry sausage , fresh bread and a glass of red wine might not be top of the menu at any Michelin starred restaurant, but it certainly rates amongst our very favourite meals. Sausage makers in the Lozere and the Aveyron up the ante with the addition of our regional speciality, Roquefort cheese. The result is simply sensational. If you don't already know the marvellous Andouille of Vire, you're in for a real treat.

Charcuterie Monte Cinto - Figatelli - Corsican fresh sausage
7.55 €
Charcuterie Souchon - Dry sausage with Roquefort cheese from Lozère
7.55 €
So Apéro - The Sausage Guillotine So Apéro
The guillotine 280 x...
52.00 €
Maison Conquet - Dried Beef
100g minimum
10.80 €
So Apéro - The Sausage Guillotine Set So Apéro
The tray 280 x 280 x...
75.00 €
Charcuterie Souchon - Dry sausage from Lozere
8.25 €
So Apéro - The sausage cellar and its knife So Apéro
The cellar 330 x 90 x...
34.90 €
Maison Conquet - Roquefort Dried Sausage
12.30 €
Maison Conquet - Dryed sausage
250g minimum
9.80 €

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