Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder


A fantastically versatile ingredient, used to make hot drinks, iced drinks, traditional whipped matcha or in cakes, desserts, and ice creams

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Teas and herbal teas

Matcha is made from fresh tea shoots, steamed dried and turned into powder.

Matcha is the traditional tea used for the tea ceremony, a mixed of meditation and degustation. You can find Matcha tea in Tea houses, served with delicious Japanese pastries.

Advices to make a traditional Matcha tea (served during the Tea ceremony) :

  • Indulge a spoon of Matcha powder in each cup of tea, add 5/10 cl of warm water.
  • Beat the mix with a whisk for 15 second, until it smooths
  • Enjoy !

Advice to make an instant tea:

You only need to mix a tea spoon with 20 cl of water in a cup of tea.

You can put this beverage into your freezer or add some milk: a lot of recipes are possible with Matcha tea powder! This is a very trendy ingredient to cook ice cream, pastry or even chocolates!

For one tea pot of 100 ml you need 1g of Matcha tea.

Organic matcha green tea powder

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