Teapot and 6 Abloom tea flowers gift set


Enjoy the spectacle of these magnificent Abloom tea flowers!

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This tea is bound in a spherical form, also known as a tea sphere. Only a few master binders in China have the ability to fashion AbloomTea into these unique miniature artworks, making this a truly rare and special product.

The Abloom Tea Sphere unfolds its secret when put into a glass carafe of boiling water. Only then does it begin to open and produce the embedded blossom at the end of the infusion ceremony, allowing it to bloom majestically.

This Abloom Tea is made from fine white tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen and Silverneedle varieties) from the high mountainous regions of China's Fujian province. Only the buds with a protective silvery down are used in the manufacture of this tea. The glimmering, silvery-white rolled buds of the leaves protect the unopened leaf, allowing it to retain its valuable nutrients.

The first picking of the white tea is carried out at the beginning of spring. The right weather and the right time of the day are essential to ensure the top quality of the harvest. The taste of white tea is light and sweet with an unmistakably fruity aroma.

This gift set contains a metal box with six different flowers and a see-through teapot. The flowers in this set are :

  • "Jewel Droplet" : Silver Needle with an amaranth & jasmine blossom.
  • "White Affair" : Silver Needle with a chain of jasmine blossoms.
  • "Solstice" : Silver Needle with two marigolds.
  • "Silver Wedding" : Silver Needle with an arc of jasmine blossoms.

How to prepare the tea :

Step 1 :

Boil water (appr. 500ml) and pour it immediately into the glass carafe.

Step 2 :

Put the Abloom Tea Sphere gently into the water and be amazed...

Step 3 :

Follow the instructions regarding the recommended time of infusion :

  • "Jewel Droplet" :8 minutes.
  • "White Affair" : 10 minutes.
  • "Solstice" : 8 minutes.
  • "Silver Wedding" :10 minutes .

1 500ml teapot, 6 tea flowers in a decorated tea box.

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