Pork and pig's ear casserole

Charcuterie Souchon

A rather rustic dish, but all the better for it!

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600g jar Price : 12.55 € Price per kilo: 20.92 €

A very good interpretation of one of the classic dishes of BienManger's home region. Whilst perhaps not the most cutting edge in terms of fashion, for instance, or technological breakthroughs, the Aubrac has always been ahead of the game when it came to 'head to tail eating' so loved by fashionable restaurants like St John in London. This dish is brilliant served with braised lentils or stewed cannellini beans.

Pork meat on the bone, pork ears, salt, pepper and garlic. Free from artificial colourings or preservatives.

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Pork and pig's ear casserole is also available in Salt pork.

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