Advent calendar seeds of old varieties to grow

Natacha & Dominique

A unique eco-designed calendar (100% biodegradable and vegan) containing 24 old varieties of vegetable sheaths, aromatic plants and fruit to grow.

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Are you looking for a fun, natural and original advent calendar to give as a gift or to give yourself before Christmas? Here's a complete kit of 24 old varieties of organic seeds for sowing that will appeal to young beginners as well as to the most expert green hands.

Bring nature into your home and create a unique vegetable garden with these reproducible, high quality, varied and colourful seeds.

These traditional plants will offer you delicious vegetables, fruits, leaves and flowers to enjoy. Sow, water and enjoy!

Contents: Advent calendar with 24 drawers, 24 envelopes containing several old seeds of 24 different varieties, 24 peat pellets with expandable net and 24 labels to personalise. Tips and tricks for sowing.

Untreated and mostly organic seeds, 100% reproducible and 100% old, of superior quality without GMOs and without F1 hybrids. Natural peat. Wooden and paper labels. (small flags to be planted in the seedlings). Vegan product. 100% biodegradable packaging. Product respectful of the environment and our planet.

Sowing instructions: 1) Moisten the peat completely until it reaches a height of approximately 4 cm 2) Sow a seed in the centre of the peat to a depth of 1 to 2 cm 3) Keep the peat moist, warm and sunny throughout the sowing period.

List of seed varieties by calendar day:
1. Organic* Barbantana Eggplant
2. Artichoke Violet de Provence NT**
3. Organic* Jalhay Butter Curly Kale
4. Organic* Japanese Parsley
5. Organic Swiss Giant Sweet Pea*
6. Organic* Green Melon Olive
7. Organic* Sweet Landes Pepper
8. Organic* Dwarf Countess de Chambord shelling bean
9. Lettuce Romaine Red Devil's Ears ORGANIC*
10. Organic* Golden Apple Squash
11. Organic* Fine de Meaux Pickled Gherkin
12. Radish Ice Candle Organic* Radish
13. Organic* Red Arrow
14. Basil Cinnamon ORGANIC*
15. Cabbage Broccoli and Rape "Cima Di Rapa" ORGANIC**.
16. Organic* Southern Giant Mustard
17. Carrot half-long Blood Red ORGANIC***.
18. Sweet Fennel from Florence ORGANIC*
19. Organic* Rutabaga with Yellow Collar
20. Organic pineapple tomato*
21. North American Mountain Mint NT*
22. Organic* Bastidon Pepper
23. Pepino NT*
24. Organic* nasturtiums

BIO = From organic farming
NT = From unprocessed agriculture

Dimensions of the seed advent calendar: Height: 29 Centimetres; Width: 20 Centimetres; Depth: 5 Centimetres

Seeds of old varieties, biodegradable packaging, compacted natural peat, wooden and paper label

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