Hennessy Very Special Cognac - Faith Limited Edition

Cognac Hennessy

Take part in the encounter between great art and one of the best cognacs in the world thanks to this captivating collaboration.

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With a very special character and intensity, Hennessy Cognac offers us a palette of truly unique flavours.

With its beautiful light colour with amber tints, it has classic characteristics, to say the least, but it is when tasting it that one is truly transported by its power.

On the nose, we find the freshness of roasted almonds and brown sugar which is sublimated by the fruit of the vine.

The palate is rich and creamy, with a particularly well-expressed vanilla dimension, rounded off by fresh and floral notes.

The bottle, an original limited edition creation

The internationally renowned artist FAITH XLVII signs a new work for this 10th edition, making her the first woman to take part in this series.

Very sensitive to the creative process, she has, for inspiration, drawn a parallel between her work and the cognac-making process. Each in their own estates work from often banal raw materials, their role, then, consists in sublimating and enhancing them to make something unique and remarkable.

In this way, this work takes up all the natural elements without which the vines could not grow. The middle dial assumes a watch representing the lunar cycles, and the 4 parts of it: the 4 seasons. Time, heat, the sun and the moon are all elements that allow the vines to grow and mature. They are represented here in golden colours reminiscent of the colour of Cognac.

"Blending the Elements" is an ode to nature. The artist explains: "Everything is cyclical. The cycles of the Sun and the Moon are essential, for me and for Hennessy," she says. We sometimes think we can substitute for nature, but nothing can replace it. »

The House of Henessy

This cognac reflects Hennessy's know-how and high standards. After several years of maturation in French oak barrels and careful selection work, the eaux-de-vie are blended with the same mastery and consistency that is characteristic of the House of Hennessy.


Tasting advice

Hennessy Very Special can be enjoyed on ice or mixed.

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Hennessy Very Special Cognac - Faith Limited Edition is also available in Rare spirits & wines.

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