Organic cereal bar - Flax & Kasha protein gluten free


No more tiredness during your long day or a beautiful outing in nature! This organic energy bar with flax and kasha proteins contains all the energy, vitamins and minerals you need.

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Made with organic and gluten-free ingredients, this energy bar with flax and kasha proteins brings you multiple benefits from the very first bite:

Fibre and omega-3 from flax protein.
Magnesium, which helps to limit fatigue, provided by flax protein and pumpkin seed.
The multiple virtues (fibres, minerals, omega 3&6, proteins, and the satiating power of the chia seed.

Made in France with natural ingredients, this organic cereal bar is easily digestible and assimilated by your body. With its crunchy texture, it offers you all the chances to avoid dieting down!

A great accompaniment for a good day's work or during a sporting activity, for a healthy and tasty energy boost!
Meltonic cereal bars, organic and gluten-free, the ideal snacking snack.

Made with organic oats, organic honey and organic royal jelly, as well as a selection of organic and gluten-free ingredients, Meltonic cereal bars are bursting with invigorating superfoods, combined with gourmet breaks, wellness moments and healthy snacks during your sports effort!

They are rich in nutrients and antioxidants, with no added sugar. With their crunchy texture and 30g format, they fit in every pocket and follow you in all your adventures, from a long working day to a great sporting outing (hiking, running, trail, mountain biking, cycling, ...).

Their zero-plastic packaging is made with pulp from sustainably managed forests (FSC/PEFC). Thus, it is biodegradable and compostable.

It is a pleasure to take them everywhere for a greedy and healthy energy intake! Yes, honey naturally provides a combination of carbohydrates, which are better assimilated than industrially produced glucose.

The advantages of honey and royal jelly for sportsmen and women

Honey, apart from its delicious taste, which is good during exercise, is quickly and completely assimilated by the body. In fact, we have been used to consuming it for thousands of years, and our digestive system digests it optimally!

What's more, it is a low glycemic index carbohydrate, lower than the glucose syrup usually consumed. It will provide you with energy in the medium and long term, avoiding the famous yo-yo effect of blood sugar and its rapid succession of euphoria and tiredness.

Royal jelly is also an excellent source of energy for sports. Naturally rich in vitamins B3, B5, trace elements and minerals, it is recognised as one of the most effective natural toners and energisers!

Meltonic, the first sports nutrition range with organic honey and royal jelly

Like many great adventures that begin, it is first of all a passion shared between Benoit, a beekeeper for 3 generations, and Vincent, a top level sportsman in Olympic sailing and trailer/runner, who is at the genesis of Meltonic.

Both fervent lovers of honey, sport and respect for nature, they created Meltonic and its range of nutritional products for sportsmen and women, based on honey and royal jelly. Of course, everything is produced organically.

Meltonic donates 1% of its turnover to the protection of bees by committing to the Terre d'Abeilles programme.

gluten-free oat flakes*, Coconut sugar*, Coconut oil*, Sunflower seeds*, Linseed protein* 7% (linseed cake* without additives), Raisins*, cashew nuts*, Pumpkin seeds*, Honey* 4.35%, Kasha*, Puffed rice*, Acacia gum*, Royal jelly* 0.20%. * Ingredients from organic farming

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Organic cereal bar - Flax & Kasha protein gluten free is also available in Gluten freeCereals and mueslis.

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