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Anne-Sophie PIC

Discover all the rich taste and character of Anne-Sophie Pic's iced teas!

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Batch of 4 bottles of 25cl (one of each flavour) Price : 17.40 € Price per liter: 16.11 €

Made from the finest raw materials, the Anne-Sophie Pic iced tea collection is both rich in taste and character, but also light and tasty (with little sugar).

In the image of the House, the Anne-Sophie Pic range of iced teas reflects the exacting work carried out by its head sommelier Paz Levinson. Voluntarily short with 4 references, it offers the headwoman's favourite combinations of red fruits, citrus fruits and spices. It is her love of tea that Cheffe Pic invites you to share a little more!

This batch allows you to discover the 4 flavours:

  • Hojicha and cubeb, a marriage of character
  • Darjeeling and yuzu, the beautiful meeting of two bitternesses
  • Buddha amacha and raspberry, a very fresh herbal tea
  • Oolong and chamomile, a well-being tea with floral flavours

A creation by Anne-Sophie Pic

Anne-Sophie Pic is a starred chef of international renown. Cooking is a family affair for her, who has run her father's 3-star gastronomic restaurant in Valence since 1992. She has since received numerous awards throughout the world and developed numerous projects that showcase her cuisine and the products she particularly likes.

Infusions of teas or flavoured herbal teas

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