Red wine AOP Bergerac Fleur de Mondésir - Bag in Box 5L

Château Mondésir

A round Bergerac PDO wine, to be shared around a piece of meat or a generous cheese platter.

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Elaborated from noble and traditional grape varieties (Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon), grown on the best terroirs of the Bergerac Appellation, the red Montdésir flower is the fruit of a selection of the best vintages of the Univitis producers.

Elegant and harmonious, all in roundness, this wine can be drunk immediately, and will reach its fullness after 2 years.

Served slightly chilled, it will express all the finesse of its fruit and will perfectly accompany all meats and cheeses.

Dare the bibs! offers you a selection of good little wines in bib, with packaging with nice looks and beautiful prints, which will not take anything away from the magic of the wines and the decoration of your tables.

The Bib (for Bag in Box) is a 3 or 5-litre vacuum-packed plastic bag, topped with a watertight press tap. The pouch retracts as the wine is pulled out, preventing any contact of the wine with the air, and therefore allows the wine to be stored better than in the bottle. And to be able to drink it at your own pace, according to your desires. All this is contained in a box, usually made of cardboard, nicely decorated to make a strong impression on your table or buffet!

Nothing like a cubi (cubitainer) then. Indeed, the cubi is a simple plastic jerrycan that does not allow you to keep the wines once they have been opened, as the contact with the air is immediate and too important. For this reason, and contrary to the Bib in which the wine is never in contact with air and therefore keeps very well until 1 to 2 months after opening, the cubi is in decline.

On the other hand, it is necessary to avoid keeping the opened Bib in a warm place.

The tap-press which embellishes the bib makes it possible to make wine as you wish, at any rhythm, at any time, but always in moderation! The classic bib contains 3L, the equivalent of 4 bottles of 75cl. The 5L one, a little more than 6 bottles and a half. Bibs have the other advantage of weighing much less and taking up much less space in the fridge and cellar than bottles.

Bibs are perfect for long evenings with friends and family, served in a carafe or directly on the table, but also for everyday use. At the rate of one glass a day, a 5L Bib will last more than a month

Alcohol: 14% vol. Contains sulfites.

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Red wine AOP Bergerac Fleur de Mondésir - Bag in Box 5L is also available in Bag-in-box wines.

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