Reserva Serrano Lomo tranché

Don Bardem

Matured for more than 5 months under the watchful eye of Don Bardem's "maestro bodeguero", these beautiful slices of lomo are just waiting for one thing: to enchant your gourmet taste buds!

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This Serrano Gran Reserva lomo is prepared from pork loin selected for its exceptional characteristics, usually reserved for catering professionals! Not too salty, not too dry, well infiltrated in fat rich in oleic acid and with a pronounced acorn and hazelnut taste, it is a treat!

The Lomo Serrano, a piece of choice!

As prized as hams by Iberian gourmets, the lomo is a cold cut made from the pork tenderloin (muscle along the spine). At Don Bardem, the marinade is light, based on olive oil and Pimentón de la Vera (paprika), to let you enjoy its true aromas!

It is prepared with the same steps and care as the Iberian hams: after cutting, it is cured and marinated, before being stuffed into a natural gut and cured for 5 months under the watchful eye of the "maestro bodeguero" of Don Bardem, in Extremadura.

This muscle gives a very supple and soft sausage in the mouth. To be enjoyed as a tapas or as an accompaniment to a Catalan gazpacho. Well cured, it will charm you with its exceptional taste, soft and persistent at the same time.

Its supple texture is due to the fact that the pork loin used to prepare it is a muscle that the animal does not use very much, which prevents it from hardening and facilitates the infiltration of fat.

Don Bardem, Spanish gastronomic jewellery for demanding gourmets

Based in Extremadura, the cradle of the Iberian pig, Don Bardem cured meats are made from pigs reared by the best breeders in Spain. From breeding to curing, Don Bardem is committed to strict quality control and guaranteed traceability of each of their products.

It is more particularly in Montánchez, a village at 990m above sea level in the Sierra, that Don Bardem hams and other Iberian cured meats are matured. The cold and dry climate in winter (a succession of low temperatures and falling humidity) and then harsh in summer (hot and airy) is the key to this village's reputation for curing hams and other Iberian meats for five centuries. The cold allows, with a soft salting, a perfect stabilization of the hams. The summer heat then causes the hams to sweat, which leads to an impregnation of fat in the muscle fibres. All of this under the watchful eye of the "maestro bodeguero", who check each piece daily by eye, smell and touch.

Ham, shoulder, lomo or chorizo, always splendidly cured. Whole, in pieces or sliced, this is the best of Spanish cold meats that Don Bardem offers you for tasting, in the way that suits you best! Gourmets and gourmets, you won't be able to resist the delicatessen with its sweet taste, intense and persistent aromas!

Pork loin, salt, sugar, paprika, spices, flavourings, emulsifiers E-452i, antioxidants E-250 and E-252, garlic

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Reserva Serrano Lomo tranché is also available in Evootrade.

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