Albert - Organic Arabica 100% Coffee from Peru Senseo® Compatible pods

Terra Moka

Nuanced and racy, this 100% organic grand cru from Peru in soft pods is remarkable for its fruity flavour.

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Mr Albert has brought you back from Peru a 100% Arabica grand cru that will seduce lovers of assertive flavours and exceptional tonalities! A tasting coffee that will make you travel to other regions, for a break rich in aromas.

This coffee comes from producers who have given up slash-and-burn farming, and who are now working on the evolution of agro-ecological practices, in association with the organization "Camara des Exportades".

100% organic pods. In addition to being eco-responsible, these pods are compatible with Senseo® machines.
1 pod contains the equivalent of 7g of freshly ground coffee.

Tasting notes

  • In the cup: dark robe with ivory moss with brown highlights
  • On the nose: great finesse, vegetal, spicy, roasted hazelnut with a smoky touch.
  • In the mouth: relatively faithful to the nose. Fresh, round and velvety at the same time, the tasting ends on a sweet bitterness.

Grand cru coffee 100% organic arabica from Peru.

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Albert - Organic Arabica 100% Coffee from Peru Senseo® Compatible pods is also available in Organic CoffeeTea, Herbal Tea & Coffee.

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