Free range chicken wing muffs from Lozère

Maison Delcros

The best of the wing, ready to be marinated for a treat!

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6 muffs (approx. 500g total) Price : 11.00 € Price per kilo: 22.00 €
18 muffs (approx 1,5kg total) Price : 32.00 € Price per kilo: 21.33 €

To guarantee its freshness, this product is to pre-order. If you order other items, they will all be sent at the same time as the fresh meat.

The chicken muff is the very first part of the chicken wing, which is the largest. It's a not very fleshy piece, covered with a very crispy skin once it is cooked.

They are often eaten marinated and caramelized, or breaded and then baked. Accompany them with a barbecue sauce for its spicy sweetness, or a Greek yoghurt sauce for its freshness.

Maison Delcros, poultry producers for 3 generations

One of the watchwords of the Delcros house is the well-being of its poultry, guaranteeing tender and tasty meat. The poultry are raised in the open air, on the foothills of the Margeride, in small wooded parks.

The rearing period is longer than in traditional farms, to give the poultry time to develop and to offer a meat that holds well when cooked, rich in flavour. You will see the difference in your plates and in your mouth!

You can't do more transparent and traceable than this poultry! They are fed with the farm's own cereals. The slaughtering, preparation and packaging of the chickens is done on the farm.

Chicken from Lozère Net Weight about 80 to 85g each Origin : Lozere - France

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