Beaten fresh cheese with mountain milk 20% Fat Matter

Laiterie Gérentes

A creamy, low-fat fromage frais

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Several times gold and silver medalist at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris, this white cheese is known for its freshness and smoothness. Smooth and shiny, it combines a very fresh taste with slightly acidic flavours.

Low in fat and filling, it is a snack with multiple benefits.

Enjoy it with dessert or as a snack! Accompanied by a sweet or savoury muesly, seeds, dried fruit or simply a spoonful of jam or honey, it will give you the energy and protein you need to face a long working day or a sustained sports training.

It can also lighten your recipes by replacing fresh cream in equal quantities, without losing any of the sweetness.

The Laiterie Gérentes

Manufacturing a complete range of dairy products, Laiterie Gérentes only sources its supplies from producers in the Haute-Loire and Haute-Ardèche, volcanic plateaus known for their traditional mountain farms. Proud of their terroir and heritage, the dairy maintains close relations with each of the producers, which is reflected in the quality of the milk.

Their motto "Simply True" reflects their desire to favour simple recipes and traditional methods. All products are free of synthetic preservatives, thickeners or artificial flavours.

By buying fresh cheese from this dairy, support small local producers and the artisanal production of dairy products.

20% fat content on finished product Skimmed cow's milk and pasteurized cream

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