Beurre du Chalet - pasteurized butter from Lozère

Fromagerie Rissoan

Good homemade butter made from mountain milk.

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This pasteurized butter is made from mountain milk, harvested in Lozère and Ardèche. Its beautiful golden colour reflects the grazing of cows in the wilderness of Margeride and the Ardèche plateau.

The Rissoan Dairy

This dairy produces and markets cheeses and other dairy products whose milk comes only from the southern confines of the Massif Central (Averyron, Lozère, Ardèche). It collects the milk itself from local farmers and is faithful to the terroir.

By buying butter from this dairy, support small local producers and the production of artisanal cheese.


Pasteurized cow's milk butter 82% Fatty Matter

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Beurre du Chalet - pasteurized butter from Lozère is also available in The essentials.

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