Organic Yellow Beet From France

This forgotten vegetable finally returns to delight our taste buds and pupils. Yellow beet: a vegetable to be (re)discovered urgently

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The yellow beet was cultivated since antiquity where it was sought after for the medicinal virtues of its leaves. For a long time appreciated in France for its sweet flavour and its beautiful golden aspect, yellow beet had gradually disappeared because it was unfairly assimilated to fodder beet used to feed cattle.

Benefits of yellow beet

As with many root vegetables, it contains many minerals with in particular an interesting source of potassium and magnesium, the latter being almost always deficient in our diet. It will therefore be appreciated by sportsmen and young active people.

It is also rich in folic acid (vitamin B9) which contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system, a fact that is particularly appreciated in winter.

Yellow beet in the kitchen

Yellow beetroot is used and prepared in the same way as red beetroot. It is less sweet than this one and is ideally steamed to preserve its nutritional qualities. It can then be served hot or cold, in marinade, salad, as an accompaniment...

Tenderer than red beetroot, it can be compared to chioggia and can be eaten raw with thin slices of mandolin.

Raw or cooked, it has a sunny yellow aspect of the most beautiful effect and goes well with other root vegetables such as carrots or parsnips.

Organic yellow beet. From France

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