Organic spelled small ready to consume


Cooked with water and Guerande Salt. Simple and delicious.

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255g net jar Price : 4.75 € Price per kilo: 18.63 €
3 jars of 255g ea. Price : 13.80 € Price per kilo: 18.04 €

This small spelt, or fattening, is a 10,000-year-old variety of cereal. It is actually the ancestor of wheat. This natural cereal is grown in the Gers in organic agroforestry and then processed in an artisanal way. It is a source of magnesium and eight essential amino acids, and is very digestible thanks to its low gluten content.

The varieties of this jar are Haute provence and Laréole.

Ready to drain and ready to eat, it's ready! It can be cooked like rice, and served hot or cold, cooked with Variette tomato sauce or vegetables, herbs, spices, or in a broth.

Variette's canned vegetables and fruits

The Variette company offers a range of fine preserves, made from vegetables and fruit of old varieties, grown in organic farming. The other ingredients used, such as sugar, are 100% natural.

The unique taste of its products is linked to the old varieties, selected precisely for their flavour. The living soil, the cultivation practice and the place of cultivation bring the final touch to the intense flavour of the fruits and vegetables. With Variette, there is no question of betting on anything other than organoleptic quality (taste, smell, etc.), even if it means overlooking the ease of grading, preservation and aesthetics.

The old varieties, whether peasant or so-called population varieties, are the result of natural selection and the work of seed artisans. Adapted to climates, soils and farming practices, they are pollinated in a free and open manner by bees and insects, and crossbreed freely and naturally. This unique biodiversity results in fruits and vegetables rich in taste and nutrients. They are all produced in France, particularly in the South-West and primarily in the Gers.

Small spelt (contains gluten), water, Guérande salt. *Organic agriculture. Without GMO

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