Advent Calendar Grands Chocolatiers

This exceptional advent calendar is for the discerning chocolate lover! It offers a unique selection of 24 mini-bars of chocolates produced from bean to bar by 3 renowned French chocolatiers.

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This calendar contains exclusively vintage wines with a minimum of 65% cocoa and offers a world tour of cocoa-producing regions with a panorama of the main varieties (criollo, forastero, trinitario).

Michel Cluizel

Manufacture Cluizel has become a major international player in premium chocolate. The Michel Cluizel chocolate factory is one of the few cocoa bean processors in the world. Moreover, since 1997, its specific approach has been to develop direct relationships with renowned planters, in a spirit of fair and sustainable trade.

Since 1999, the family business has subscribed to the "Ingrédients Nobles" quality commitment. Thus, the chocolate is pure cocoa butter and contains no vegetable fats other than cocoa butter. Also, no artificial or natural flavourings are added to make this top-of-the-range chocolate.

In this calendar, we offer you 7 exceptional chocolates from Manufacture Cluizel :

  • Vila Gracinda - 67% - Sao Tomé
  • Mangaro - 65% - Madagascar
  • Mokaya Bio - 66% - Mexico
  • Riachuelo - 70% - Brazil
  • Los Ancones Organic - 67% - Santo Domingo
  • La Laguna - 70% - Guatemala
  • El Jardin - 69% - Colombia


François Pralus is today an exceptional Master Chocolatier, one of the few in France to make his own chocolate from bean to bar. In his factory in Roanne, François Pralus works with dried beans from the finest cocoa beans he receives from the 4 corners of the world, particularly from Africa, South America and the Indian Ocean. He is one of the rare chocolate makers to roast his beans himself and thus to make his chocolate from A to Z. The transformation of cocoa beans is a long process that requires a lot of know-how in order to preserve all the aromas of the beans and to end up with a chocolate with incomparable flavours.

This year, their assortment offers 4 chocolates from organic farming labelled plantations among a selection of 11 exceptional chocolates.

  • Trinidad Trinitario - 75% discount
  • Cuba - 75% discount
  • Madagascar Organic Criollo - 75% discount
  • Venezuela Trinitario - 75%.
  • Madagascar Organic Criollo - 100% organic
  • Ghana Forastero - 75%.
  • Tanzania Forastero - 75%.
  • Papua New Guinea - 75% discount
  • Indonesia Criollo - 75%.
  • Nicaragua - 75% discount
  • Peru Trinitario organic - 75%.


A master in the conception of tasty chocolates from exceptional vintages, the Maison Voisin owes this in large part to the authenticity of its creations, which are still made by hand today.

Even before creating all its most renowned chocolate flavours, the Voisin master chocolate makers make it a point of honour to rigorously select their raw materials, retaining only the noblest, then shaping them by hand, slowly to preserve all the strength of their aromas.

The selection of 6 Voisin chocolates will delight chocolate lovers:

  • Sao Tomé - 75% off
  • Tanzania - 78%.
  • Ecuador - 73%.
  • Venezuela - 75%.
  • Santo Domingo - 72%.
  • Papua - 72%.

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