Organic Fresh Birch Sap with birch and blackcurrant buds from the Alpes


The benefits of fresh birch sap reinforced and supplemented by gemmotherapy

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Price : 24.95 €

Price per liter: 16.63 €

The 2020 season has just begun. Order your birch water now for shipment from March 11th. 

This fresh birch sap extracts of birch and blackcurrant buds is ideal to purify from within and restore vitality to our organization.

How to use fresh birch sap to the buds of blackcurrant and birch?

For best results, consume the sap in cure-shaped drinking from 10 to 30 cl per day for a period of 3 weeks.

What are the properties of the sap?

The birch sap would possess interesting properties for all: women, men, children, elderly

It includes:

  • flavonoids ( antioxidants )
  • 17 amino acids including glutamic acid that gives life and tones the body
  • betulin , which enhances the action of insulin
  • chlorogenic acid (against overweight).
  • cytosines and sugars in the form of fructose from 0.2 to 0.5%.
  • mucilage

The virtues:

  • Detox: This treatment allows to remove accumulated toxins with our excretory organs. Our kidneys, lungs, liver, skin and intestines
  • The birch sap is source of minerals, plant hormones and amino acids many, it allows you to replenish energy .
  • The cure for birch sap is depurative, draining and diuretic .
  • Antioxidant : it would delay the effects of aging, strengthen blood vessels, would lower blood pressure and decrease water retention .

The buds of blackcurrant and birch reinforce and supplement these benefits

Antioxidants and toning powers of birch sap are reinforced through blackcurrant buds and birch. They enable relieve joint pain playing the role of anti-inflammatory and are also very effective in helping to cleanse and rejuvenate the digestive system .

A combination made for boost your natural defenses and enhance your vitality

harvesting birch sap

The harvest is done on trees located high in the Alps and the Jura, located between 400 and 1600 meters. It begins in late February for forests at low altitude, when the snow begins to melt and the sap begins to flow in the trunks of trees. The harvest lasts until the end of April for the higher areas.

To collect the sap, a small 6mm diameter hole is drilled on mature trees. The precious liquid is then collected in the natural rhythm of the tree. Approximately 3 weeks later, at the end of the harvest, the hole is punched by means of a wooden dowel and the clay paste designed to protect the shaft against external pathogens.

A quick shipping to guarantee absolute freshness

Shipments Wednesdays only for optimum freshness .

Once harvested sap it is shipped the same day after being vacuum packed. It starts from our warehouse the next day only to harvest. She arrives home and fresh and pure, preservatives and non-pasteurized.

Birch sap is evolving over time and it will trouble more or less which does not affect the quality of your water. This is a living product . It is imperative to keep the refrigerator away from heat and light once received.

Hn-Lab, a family history

After you have bought a mountain chalet in Savoie, the Hn-Lab designers have discovered the exceptional properties of fresh birch sap. With several tests, they developed a process to extract the sap at the right time, in the best conditions and ship quickly. Birch sap Hn-Lab itself apart from other saps often pasteurized, with conservative and having lost their virtues.

Unfiltered unpasteurized fresh organic birch sap shipped immediately after harvest with birch and blackcurrant buds.

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