Raspberry and Rhubarb Jam

La Roumanière

Two different and complementary flavours

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335g jar Price : 7.45 € Price per kilo: 22.24 €
La Roumanière
La Roumanière

La Roumanière is a company that specialises in cooking with fruit, the result of which is a fabulous, delicious range of jams full of flavour and of very high quality. This jam, which brings together the gentle flavour of raspberry with the sharp taste of rhubarb, is at once surprising and delicious. Ideal spread on toast or bread for your breakfast, or eaten with pancakes, or mixed into yoghurt and fromage frais.

Raspberry, rhubarb, white cane sugar. Prepared with 80 g of fruit per 100g of jam. Total sugar content after cooking 63 g per 100 g. May contain traces of nuts.

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Raspberry and Rhubarb Jam is also available in Raspberries.

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