Williams Pear Eau de Vie - 40%

G. E. Massenez

When tradition meets excellence!

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70cl bottle Price : 37.50 € Price per liter: 53.57 €

G. E. Massenez

From father to son, the tradition and expertise of the distiller G. E. Massenez produces eaux de vie which are particularly appreciated in the Alsatian region. Eaux de vie do not benefit from industrial production methods, and G. E. Massenez has therefore chosen to preserve the traditional methods of production, and to ally them with the strict quality demands of the modern day. Only the very best fruit are used, distilled and then aged for many years before being bottled.

William pear

The extreme, fruity scent and original character of this William pear eau de vie is much sought after, and rightly so, since every bottle contains the equivalent of 14 kilos of William pears. It has won numerous prizes as a result.

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Williams Pear Eau de Vie - 40% is also available in Pears.

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