Stravecchio - balsamic vinegar Gran Riserva di Famiglia Leonardi

Vinaigrerie Leonardi

Truly exceptional balsamic vinegar. A very very special product

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100 ml bottle and its box - 40 years old Price : 490.00 € Price per liter: 4900.00 €
100 ml and its box - 50 years old Price : 585.00 € Price per liter: 5850.00 €

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Vinaigrerie Leonardi
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Vinaigrerie Leonardi

Leonardi, excellence since 1871

«In order to produce a truly sublime Balsamic vinegar, you need passion, devotion and respect for the traditions which envelope this black gold with a veil of mystery. Leonardi has taken this approach to making its vinegar for nearly four generations.

The rules which control the production of Balsamic vinegar dictate that wooden barrels are used for every stage: acidification, maturation and aging. 2000 barrels, amongst them barrels made of chestnut, cherry, ash, and juniper, wait patiently in 19th century lofts and barns, waiting to reach the moment when their contents are ready for you to taste. Each barrel gives its own flavour and aroma to the vinegar it holds, resulting in a unique product, richly perfumed, harmonious, and perfectly balanced.

Gran Riserva di Famiglia Leonardi – Balsamico Patriarca

Presented in a wooden coffret, these bottles of precious black gold come with special utensils, specifically designed to serve the vinegar: a cork top with a lip, and a glass pipette. Try these vinegars served with smoked salmon, risotto, roast or grilled meats, fish, caviar, foie gras, cheese, ice creams, strawberries, black chocolate, or as a digestive at the end of meal.

Aged in wooden barrels

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Stravecchio - balsamic vinegar Gran Riserva di Famiglia Leonardi is also available in Exquisite giftsFather's day gifts.

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