Voatsiperifery wild pepper

Le Comptoir Colonial

Very rare wild pepper from Madagascar

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Le Comptoir Colonial
Le Comptoir Colonial

Madagascar Island is known as much for its spices with an idea of excellence, as for the impression of exotic and heady flavours.

Origin: the Voatsiperifery is from ‘voa' that means fruit, and ‘tsiperifery', that is the name of the plant in the Malagasy language. It is a hand-picked wild pepper collected by the villagers of humid tropical forest zones. Its picking is hard because the pepper creeper goes up to 20 metres on trees of the tropical forest, and grows fruits only on young shoots located on the highest part of the trees. The wild nature of its roots explains why we can find berries with different degrees of maturity: green (becoming black when it's dried) and red.

Taste : A very rare and little known spice even on its island, its wood-like scent, with earthy touches, let out also a slight flavour of fruit, citrus fruit and flower. Its fresh and hot taste, without violence but particularly long-tasting, reminds you the taste of the long pepper.

Cooking tips : This kind of pepper particularly suits meat's tastes (especially pork and lamb), coconut based recipes, but also fruits, and more surprisingly with chocolate! You may avoid strong heat, because it can decerase the power of subtle aromas by making it bitter.

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