Limoncello of Sorrento - lemon liqueur - 34%

Il Convento

The speciality of the Sorrentino peninsula. Genuine, artisan-produced limoncello, guaranteed to give you a taste of the summer sun

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South of the gulf of Naples, the Sorrentino peninsula is a little corner of heaven, with stunning landscapes, a mountainous coastline, deep valleys and citrus groves. The famous Sorrentino lemons come from this area. Botanically speaking, they belong to the citrus limonia variety (sometimes called Chinese citrus). These lemons are rather big with an intense flavour and unique organoleptic characteristics.

In the convento farm, the Pollio family prepares its limoncello with the best lemons. Limocello is one of the favourite Italian drinks. It is a lemon liqueur with a golden colour and with an intense and delicate taste.

Serving : Limoncello is very good as a digestive and is best served ice-cold. You can drizzle it onto puddings and desserts, fruit salad and ice cream.

Alcohol, sugar, lemon

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Limoncello of Sorrento - lemon liqueur - 34% is also available in LemonAperitifs & Vermouth.

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