Molecular Gastronomy Kit and book- Cuisine R-Evolution


Discover here the complete kit R-evolution accompanied Molecular Cooking book

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In this kit you will find all the equipment you need to create astounding molecular dishes. Create sauces with excitingly different textures, edible pearls and molecular mousses!

This kit contains:

- 1 DVD of 50 recipes - 5 packets of agar agar (10g) - 5 packets of calcium salts (25g) - 5 packets of sodium alginate (10g) - 5 packets of soy lecithin (10g) - A set of measuring spoons - 1 syringe - 2 silicone tubes - 1 measuring spoon - 15ml - 1 mould for 9 demi-spheres - 1 perforated spoon

Experiment with exciting new molecular gastronomy techniques:

- Basic spherification - Inverse spherification - Thickening - Emulsification - Gelification

The instructive DVD contains 50 precise, step-by-step molecular recipes in 3 languages - English, French and Spanish.

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The book in French
130.00 €
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