Spread test

What type of spread are you?

This is not a personality test. But BienManger.com offers instead a selection of spreads that have character

What spread are you? Have you ever wondered?

If you spread on a slice of bread, would you rather be a chocolate spread with hazelnut? Too classic? A little grandma's jam that stays warm in the bottom of her closet? or the luxurious spread of a great chocolatier because you're worth it?

Here, no personality test. But BienManger.com offers a selection of spreads that have character ...

The wild

The extra wild chestnut cream "Les Vents Sauvages" is prepared with carefully selected chestnuts. Its low sugar content and low cooking time help preserve the wild flavor of chestnut and all its virtues.Prix

Organic chestnut cream

The sweet Cevennes

The chestnuts used are carefully selected by a group of Cevennes farmers who transform them on the spot into a creamy cream. A treat with cottage cheese!Prix

Organic chestnut cream

Organic crunchy

The chocolate spread CRUNCHY is the result of an association between crisp hazelnut and tasty cocoa. A more crunchy version of the classic chocolate, which does not lack of pep!Prix

The Crunchy Chocolate Organic Spread

The sweet Breton

Salidou is cream of salted butter caramel prepared by the confectionery "La Maison d'Armorine" in Quiberon. It's the sweetness itself, impossible to find better comfort with a spread!Prix

Salidou, salted butter caramel cream

The Spanish pride

The Turrón is slicing ... it's a revolution! The House Coloma Garcia received the 2012 Golden Rooster for its liquid Turrón. And since this spread does not know how to stand.Prix

Turrón spreads

The expert in high mountain hiking

Sonaris (called Cenovis in Switzerland) is a 100% vegetable product, 100% natural and 100% healthy. In 2019, this condiment crosses the border through the high Swiss mountains. A good taste of yeast and vegetables that you will enjoy spreading at any time of the day. The star ingredient of Switzerland!Prix

Sonaris (Cenovis Suisse) Pot Spreader The original

The exotic

This sugar paste from organic coconut plantations is produced from the nectar of coconut flowers, the "tree of life" of the Philippines. This dough is not refined and it is without additives or preservatives. A delicious taste and a creamy texture Prix

Organic coconut sugar paste

The supreme Italian

This spread is made of 50% hazelnuts from Piedmont to make the famous hazelnut paste Gianduja, this famous creamy Italian pasta. With simple ingredients for a delicious recipe, it's the ultimate spread! Prix

Suprema Gianduja spread 50% hazelnut

The nostalgic of the snows of yesteryear

This chestnut cream comes from a Cevennes micro-production. It is made according to a family recipe from chestnuts pellegrines and figs, two emblematic Cévennes varieties harvested on the chestnut grove of the family of Danielle and Joseph Iaquinta. For all those who remember watching the snowfall, savoring a bowl of cream cheese in front of the fireplace.Prix

Traditional chestnut cream from the Cevennes

The corsair fan of caramel

The Comptoirs de Saint-Malo, the former bastion of the corsairs, hosts the delicious spread of Caramelo. Salted butter caramel with rum on your Breton pancakes. Even Francis Drake would not have resisted!Prix

Caramalo salted butter caramel cream with rum

The sulfurous

For lovers of calisson d'Aix, this calisson cream will be perfect pastry ... or spoon. Léonard Parli does not do half a measure with this spreads, we are all seduced!Prix

Calisson cream

The benevolent

A spread without allergens, no milk, no nuts, no gluten, and no palm oil! This 100% pleasure spread will be able to supplant all the others! Young and old will enjoy it as much at breakfast as at tea time. There is no time for gluttony ...! Prix

Organic cocoa and nutmeg spread without gluten

The sparkling one

Here is a spread that is out of the ordinary: chocolate spread with milk and sparkling sugar. You will find the good taste of melting milk chocolate and you will be surprised by the sugar that will sparkle on your tongue. Fireworks for your taste buds!Prix

Malakoff sparkling milk chocolate spread

So British

This cream is similar to the traditional English curd lemon. This cream is spread on slices of fresh bread but it is also in the preparation of many gourmet pastries. To take with a cup of tea, of course!Prix

Crème de citron bio sans sucre ajouté

Cheese lovers

Laguiole, this small village of Aubrac Aveyronnais has become known worldwide for at least three good reasons: its knives, its PDO cheese and the chefs Michel and Sébastien Bras. Here, Sébastien invents a spread on Laguiole cheese - cheese that benefits from a PDO - and it is a wonder to taste without delay for all cheese lovers.Prix

Laguiole Cheese Spread

The pillar of the bar

Incredible but true, the beer is also available in spreads! When a chocolatier brings a brewer into his kitchen, they imagine together this original recipe, greedy. The beer spread is used as a classic spread. It contains almost no alcohol which allows to eat without risk while having the characteristic taste of beer on its bread.Prix

Bière blonde à tartiner (Birra Spalmabile)
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