best vegan spreads

What are the best vegan spreads?

No allergens, no milk, no nuts, no gluten or no palm oil, discover the best vegan spreads. Jean Hervé, Rapunzel, Paradeigma, Damhert.

Appreciated by everyone at tea time or at breakfast, the consumption of spreads has become a subject of public health. So how to combine greediness and ethics?

From the traditional hazelnut chocolate to the most ethical bio, how to navigate? The team will help you find the best spreads for a healthy snack.

1. The champion of vegan spreads!

Let yourself melt for the chocolate sweetness of the organic Paradeigma spread! A spread without allergens, no milk, no nuts, no gluten and no palm oil, all the reasons to have fun! Prix

Paradeigma la championne des pâtes à tartiner vegan!

2. The homemade vegan spread

Discover the recipe of the producer Jean-Hervé, rich in hazelnuts, carob and especially rich in taste. They are handcrafted with the finest ingredients and organic dried fruits of which Jean-Hervé is a recognized specialist.Prix

La pâtes à tartiner vegan artisanale Jean Hervé

3. The organic vegan chocolate spread

Its incredibly chocolaty taste will appeal a lot to chocolate lovers. Made from quality ingredients and from organic farming, this spread also respects the logic of fair trade. The Rapunzel spread will become your best ally for chocolate breakfasts! Prix

La pâtes à tartiner vegan au chocolat bio éthique Rapunzel

4. The original vegan spread

This organic spread is made with hazelnut and coconut. These two flavors marry perfectly! Your toast, pancakes and other pastries will welcome the kokolo with open arms, and your taste buds too! Prix

La pâtes à tartiner vegan originale Kokolo

5. Hazelnut chocolate vegan spreads, a classic!

Here is a gourmet spread that young and old will love. With more than 13% hazelnuts its texture is ideal to be spread on your toast and to incorporate in your pastries.Prix

La pâtes à tartiner vegan chocolat noisette, un classique de chez Damhert
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