All about our products

How are products selected?

The products we offer are subject to a very rigorous selection which guarantees you an optimal quality:

  • Particular attention is paid to the composition of the products and to the way they are manufactured and processed. We avoid as much as possible artificial colorings, flavorings and additives when they are useless and we militate for the preservation of artisanal methods.
  • We taste all the products that we offer online. We check whether the tasting of the product brings pleasure and corresponds well to what is advertised on the label. Among several identical products, we retain only the bests.
  • We attach great importance to the human qualities of our producers with whom we like to maintain friendly and regular relations. Some have even been present since the creation of the website.

In order to find all these products, we are constantly on the lookout. Our trips are a great opportunity for discovery, but we also follow everything related to cooking (blogs, magazines, radios ...). We are also solicited every day by many producers whose products we taste (hard job!) even if we can not respond positively to all of them.

Of course, we are listening to you if you know products that are missing from the website and that deserve to be added. Do not hesitate to send us your suggestions.

Our tasting committee

Each product presented on the website is tested and approved by the tasting committee of Every week, this committee meets to taste the products, check the labels and compare the point of views on the qualities or defaults of the products that could be referenced on the website.

The tasting committee is made up of employees, professionals of tasting or not, and open to outside people to have a less subjective view (producers, journalists, customers, families). If you want to participate in an upcoming tasting and you are in the area, contact us to come and test new products with us.

Transparency on products

Each product proposed on the website is subject to a detailed fact sheet. In addition to a product presentation accompanied by advices on how to use the product, each sheet indicates the detailed composition of the product (ingredients and raw materials) as well as all the nutritional values (calories, etc.) to help you in your choices.

Since its beginnings and because they are our partners, has made the decision to display the names of the producers making the products. You can find out more about each producer or brand by simply clicking on his name from each product page.

When the products have a label, we also indicate it on the product page with the logo AB for organic farming, AFDIAG for the products guaranteed without gluten, but also the AOC, IGP... We have chosen to display only real labels on, corresponding to true quality or manufacturing criteria (Label Rouge, SlowFood, Vegan Society, Demeter, Kosher, Bienvenue à la ferme...).

My product is not available! offers you quality products, but sometimes they can not be produced at will. For example, when the honey crop is poor, some honeys may not be available throughout the year. Another example is when a craft producer of chestnut cream transforms chestnuts from his own chestnut grove, he can not make more jars than his harvest allows.

These stock shortages are also a sign of quality, some products that we propose are prepared in limited quantities. So be careful! If you like them, do not talk about them to your friends, there will be not be enough for everyone...

When a product is unavailable on the website, you can leave your email address to receive an alert as soon as it becomes available again on the website.

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