Texturas Inverse Spherification Kit

Texturas Ferran Adria

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Unleash the full potential of your creativity with this molecular gastronomy kit!

The process of inverse spherification can be put to a thousand uses. It allows you to create spherical forms using almost any ingredient and is especially recommended for use with ingredients rich in calcium or alcohol. The spherical forms created are very stable and long lasting. You can create new sensations by making exciting fillings to use in biscuits and mousses.

This is a technique particularly suitable for use with dense liquids. To ensure that the Algin bath works properly, we suggest that you prepare it the night before it is to be used. Using a food processor, mix the Algin with a third of the liquid until it is completely dissolved. Next, add the remaining liquid and put aside in the refrigerator.

Weigh the Gluco and add a third of the liquid. Using a food mixer, mix until fully dissolved. Add the Xantana and repeat until it is dissolved. Add the remaining liquid and leave to rest for an hour until the mixture is no longer frothy. Pour the required quantity of your ingredient, with the Gluco mix added in the correct quantity, into the Algin bath. You will see spheres form, which can be kept in whichever liquid you wish.

Example recipe: Spherical Ham Fritters

1 litre water, 5 grams Algin, 250g of fritter mix excluding flour, 6g Gluco, 0.8g Xantana.

Mix the Algin in the water until completely dissolved. Leave in the refrigerator for 12 hours to eliminate excess air. Dilute the Gluco in the mix of ingredients for fritters, then add the Xantana using a food processor until no lumps remain. Heat the fritter mixture until it becomes more liquid. Take a spoonful (2.5cm diameter spoon) of this mixture and dip into the Algin solution. Using another spoon, you can stretch the resulting bubble until it resembles a traditional fritter. Dip the fritter for 3 minutes into the Algin solution, turn it over and leave for one more minute. Drain using a slotted spoon and then dip into hot water (60°C) for 3 minutes. Remove the fritters from the water taking care not to break them. Dry carefully and coat in fine breadcrumbs before serving hot.

1 x Algin Texturas - 500g box

1 x Eines Texturas - box

1 x Gluco Texturas - 600g box

1 x Xantana Texturas - 600g box

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