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Alain Milliat: fruit expression




Quality raw materials

The producer's goal: "enhance the quality of raw materials orchards." Alain Milliat offers a collection of artisanal juices, nectars and jams. Fruit growers are carefully selected in France and around the world. They await the full maturation of the fruit before harvest, which will provide an ideal sugar/acid ratio

A unique taste

With the pure raw materials and quality, Alain Milliat extract the best fruit All fruit characteristics are faithfully transcribed to provide unmistakable sensory experience through each of his creations. Authentic taste of freshly picked fruit, powerful aroma and fluid or pulpy texture are fully retained for a natural and tasty product.

So, from year to year may vary by taste or texture as crops: it's what makes the signature of Alain Milliat. Such as fruit from which they come, the likes of these juices and nectars are not standardized, their flavors are not uniform. This collection was immediately appealed to gourmet restaurants, local enthusiasts and quality, who had no such offer for this sector.




Produits Alain Milliat  

The production of Alain Milliat juices is artisanal. Historically, the fruits are first carefully selected according to their origin, production technology, and their taste. In the case of red fruit (strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant), juices are made from frozen fruit to ensure consistent quality. Finally, fruits such as pineapple and passion are picked and frozen on the spot by the producer before being processed. When products need improvement, the producer initially use very simple methods: prolonged fruit ripening on the tree to balance sugars and acids, an early harvest to keep the freshness of the fruit, or a change in exposure ...

The fruits are processed at room temperature, soon after harvest in order to restore all the features of the fruit.

To make the juice, fruits are first washed, crushed and pressed at room temperature. They are then filtered with a filter wine, pasteurized at 85°C and bottled immediately.

Nectars are a mixture of juice and pulp. The fruits are washed, then the pulp is extracted, through a refiner. The most consistent parts are then separated and one obtains a mixture of juice and pulp. Is then added to the water, sugar and lemon juice in order to find the balance of the original fruit flavors, and vitamin C to limit oxidation of the fruit. In the final step, the nectar is pasteurized and bottled directly.

The jam is made with a mixture of fruit and sugar, added with lemon juice and pectin sometimes natural or synthetic. Fruit used are selected on the same principle as for juices. Whole fresh fruit is frozen in order to make cooking all year round.






The selection Alain Milliat

Alain Milliat - Autumn Pear Juice - Alain Milliat
3.95 €
Alain Milliat - Apricot Nectar- Alain Milliat
3.10 €
Alain Milliat - Tomato Juice - Alain Milliat
4.95 €

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