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Calissons and nougats

Nougathas been made in Montelimar since the 17th century, from a delicious combination of honey, sugar, egg white, vanilla, almond and pistachios, and topped with a sublime, delicately velvety frosting.

Calissonswere first made in Aix-en-Provence during the 15th century. These exquisite little sweets, made from almonds, candied melon, eggs and sugar, are the epitome of French chic.

Léonard Parli - Calisson Spread
300g jar
10.95 €
Le Petit Duc - Calissons and fruit paste
260g metal box
29.05 €
Coloma Garcia Artesanos - Alicante "Guirlache, Terronico" Turrón
8.50 €
Nougat Silvain - Nougalettes
125g packet
10.45 €
Nougat Silvain - Soft and Fondant Black Nougat Bar
7.95 €
Le Roy rené - French Calissons d'Aix - Diamond Box
18.90 €
Le Roy rené - French Calissons d'Aix - Ingot Box
155g box (15 calissons)
12.95 €
Le Roy rené - French Calissons d'Aix - Decorated Case
6 x almonds calissons
6.95 €

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