Organic snacks & sweet treats

Organic snacks and sweet treats

The quality of a food's production plays on its flavor, and choosing to consume organic products goes beyond simply choosing to limit our impact on the environment, it is also a matter of having fun with products with original flavors, fruits without pesticides, less refined sugars, cacaos with incomparable taste. Here is a selection of sweet organic groceries, so that gluttony will always remain a pleasure.

organic chocolate

Focus on organic chocolates

Rediscover the pleasure of enjoying a piece of chocolate thanks to our selection of organic chocolates filled with delicate and refined flavors!

Organic honeys discovery

Organic honeys discovery

Enjoy authentic flavors thanks to our assortment of organic honeys composed of eucalyptus honey, honey from the Auvergne forest and mountain honey.

You will find below all our sweet foods and other organic delicacies: organic chocolate bars, organic fruits, organic biscuits, organic candies, organic honeys, organic jams, organic cereals...

The essential organic products

Saveurs Attitudes - Organic Wild Blueberry Jam no added sugar Organic food
Saveurs Attitudes
310g jar
6.00 €
Le Moulin du Pivert - Organic Hazelnuts and Chocolate Cookies Organic food
Le Moulin du Pivert
175g packet
3.70 €
Celnat - Organic Premium Muesli Organic food
375g bag
3.75 €
Michel Cluizel - Organic 'Los Anconès' 67% dark chocolate bar by Michel Cluizel Organic food
Michel Cluizel
4.50 €
Gabriel Perronneau - Organic Mix of Creamy Honey, Pollen and Royal Jelly Organic food
Gabriel Perronneau
250g jar
6.85 €
Saveurs Attitudes - Organic Lemon curd no added sugar Organic food
Saveurs Attitudes
310g jar
3.85 €
Biscuiterie La Sablésienne - Organic Fruity Muesli Biscuits Organic food
Biscuiterie La Sablésienne
55g box
2.05 €
Bovetti chocolats - Organic Traditional Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Spread Organic food
Bovetti chocolats
6.45 €
Granola Catherine Kluger - Organic Honey And Seeds Granola Organic food
Granola Catherine Kluger
350g box
8.90 €
Les Gourmandises de Sophie - Marshmallows Tutti Fruti
Les Gourmandises de Sophie
130g Jar
9.60 €
Ethnoscience - Raw Organic Cacao Powder Organic food
5.65 €
Organica - Crunchy fruit - Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberry Organic food
2.75 €

New organic products

Racines - Organic Banana Jam from Madagascar Organic food
200g jar
6.90 €
Kaoka - Organic Milk Chocolate Bar 32% with Coconut Organic food
2.70 €
Saveurs Attitudes - Organic Greengage Plum Jam With No Added Suger Organic food
Saveurs Attitudes
310g jar
6.20 €
Saveurs Attitudes - Organic Mango Jam With No Added Sugar Organic food
Saveurs Attitudes
310g jar
4.70 €
Les Gourmandises de Sophie - Organic Fruity Marshmallows - Lactose And Gluten Free Organic food
Les Gourmandises de Sophie
2.65 €
Granola Catherine Kluger - Organic Granola With Orange And Apricot Organic food
Granola Catherine Kluger
350g box
8.90 €
Aromandise - Organic Lemon and Ginseng Sweets Organic food
45g box
3.95 €
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