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Xantana Texturas

Texturas Ferran Adria - Xantana Texturas

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600g box 47.75  (£ 43.37)
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Try inverse spherification yourself!

Texturas is a range of products by elBullitaller, which enable you to experiment with new culinary methods for extraordinary results.

This gum allows you to thicken soups, sauces and creams using only a very small amount of product, and without changing the flavour of your recipe.

Xantan gum is produced by fermenting corn starch, and is extremely efficient as a thickener, helping to suspend particles in liquid.

Soluble when cold, the gum does not lose its qualities even when heated to 50°C. Stir gently and allow to soak up liquid.

Composition : Xanthan gum in powder.

Producer : Texturas Ferran Adria

Texturas Ferran Adria

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Origin : Barcelone (Spain)

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