Black Truffle
Advent calendar
BienManger paniers garnis - Delicatesse gift box
BienManger paniers garnis
Gourmet gift box
19.95 €
BienManger paniers garnis - Tradition Gourmande Gift Box
BienManger paniers garnis
Gift Box
14.95 €
BienManger paniers garnis - South-West of France's taste
BienManger paniers garnis
Gourmet gift box
29.95 €
BienManger paniers garnis - French Sweet Delights Advent Calendar
BienManger paniers garnis
280g calendar
23.90 €
BienManger paniers garnis - Elegance Gift Set
BienManger paniers garnis
Gourmet gift box
25.95 €
BienManger paniers garnis - Le Délicieux Gourmet Gift Box
BienManger paniers garnis
Gift Hamper
24.95 €
BienManger paniers garnis - Time for Tea Gift Hamper
BienManger paniers garnis
Gift tray
18.95 €
BienManger paniers garnis - Festive Gift Basket
BienManger paniers garnis
Gift basket
59.95 €
BienManger paniers garnis - Foie Gras Gift Set
BienManger paniers garnis
Gourmet gift box
46.95 €
BienManger paniers garnis - Christmas Tradition Gift Box
BienManger paniers garnis
Gourmet gift box
34.90 €
BienManger paniers garnis - Terrines Gift Set
BienManger paniers garnis
Gift box
21.95 €
Maison Sauveterre - Whole Duck Foie Gras from South-West France
Maison Sauveterre
18.95 €
Maison Sauveterre - Crèmes Brûlées with Foie Gras
Maison Sauveterre
2.95 €
Maison Sauveterre - Scallops and Truffle Spread
Maison Sauveterre
100g jar
5.95 €
Maison Sauveterre - Duckling with a Creamy Boletus Sauce
Maison Sauveterre
350g jar 2/3 persons
6.95 €
Christine Le Tennier - Vinegar and Shallot Flavour Pearls
Christine Le Tennier
5.95 €
Bernard Marot - Scampi with Spices Soup
Bernard Marot
4.05 €
Terre Exotique - Yuzu Zest from Japan - Takamatsu-shi
Terre Exotique
Box of 20g
12.50 €
Ruinart - R of Ruinart Champagne Brut
27.95 €
Wild Mishoyuzu Yuzu
13.55 €
Sturia - Oscietra Caviar
65.00 €
Bleeding heart rum company - Don Papa Rum - Small Batch from the Philippines - 40%
Bleeding heart rum company
38.90 €
Plantation Rum - Plantation Rum gift box (6 bottles)
Plantation Rum
6x10cl gift box
56.90 €
Destilerias Unidas - Diplomatico 3 Bottle Gift Box
Destilerias Unidas
3 bottles of 70cl ea.
99.00 €
Destilerias Unidas - Diplomatico
Destilerias Unidas
2002 - 70cl bottle in...
84.66 €
Trois Rivières - Trois rivières cuvée de l'océan 42%
Trois Rivières
70cl bottle
22.80 €
Centenario - Centenario rum Premium 20 years old - Costa Rica - 40 %
70cl bottle in sleeve
57.00 €
BienManger paniers garnis - Rum discovery gift box (2 bottles)
BienManger paniers garnis
Gift box with 2...
85.00 € - Organic Pomelos Star Ruby Organic food
0.90 €
Lou Mujou  - Grey Mullet Boutargue (or Poutargue) - waxed
Lou Mujou
150g minimum
31.00 €
Sangiolaro - Grey Mullet Boutargue (or Poutargue)
17.80 €
Luigi Guffanti - Parmiggiano 24 months
Luigi Guffanti
300g minimum
20.95 €
Bayard - "Corne de Gate" Potatoes
19.90 €
Marcel Charrade - Saint-Nectaire fermier AOP
Marcel Charrade
Whole cheese (approx....
29.95 €
Fumage d'Angresse - Scottish smoked salmon - whole fillet
Fumage d'Angresse
environ 1,2kg (minimum...
109.00 €
Fumage d'Angresse - Smoked salmon organic - whole filet Organic food
Fumage d'Angresse
1.2kg approx
119.00 €
Chocolat Mathez - Vintage - Praline Chocolate Truffles
Chocolat Mathez
500g red box
9.70 €
Comtesse du Barry - Four gourmet specialties
Comtesse du Barry
4x70g Box set
9.90 €
Radis et Capucine - Organic Cultivation in Box : Button Mushrooms Organic food
Radis et Capucine
1 box
13.20 €
English Tea Shop - Organic Super Fruits Collection Organic food
English Tea Shop
10.90 €
Sophie M - Mini Candy Cane Box
Sophie M
100g box
9.50 €
Bonbec Show - Snowman Candy Skewer
Bonbec Show

Product available soon

Le Roy René - French Calissons d'Aix - Butterfly Box
Le Roy René

Product available soon

Dammann frères - Christmas White Tea Metal Box - Dammann Frères
Dammann frères

Product available soon

BienManger paniers garnis - Countryside Gift Box
BienManger paniers garnis
Gourmet gift box
14.95 €
Abbaye Notre Dame de Bonneval - Liqueur Chocolate Candy in Bottle Shape
Abbaye Notre Dame de Bonneval
120g box - 10 chocolates
13.95 €
Maxim's de Paris - "Montmartre" Chocolate Gift Box - Maxim's
Maxim's de Paris
198g box
29.00 €
Perard du Touquet - Samphire soup
Perard du Touquet
760g jar
7.80 €
Abbaye Notre Dame de Bonneval - Dark Chocolate Bar with Orange 70%
Abbaye Notre Dame de Bonneval
100g bar
4.50 €
Confiserie André Boyer - White Nougat Square
Confiserie André Boyer
115g box
7.95 €
Mas de Daumas Gassac - Moulin de Gassac "Tèrra" - Organic Red Wine from Languedoc Organic food
Mas de Daumas Gassac
2016 - 75cl bottle
11.00 €
Sturia - Beluga Caviar
287.00 €
Pressoirs de Provence - Yellow Peach Nectar from Provence
Pressoirs de Provence
75cl bottle
3.65 €
Transcontinental Rum Line - Gift box Nicaragua 2004 Rum - Transcontinental Rum Line 43%
Transcontinental Rum Line
70cl bottle + 2 glasses
59.90 €, your online delicatessen shop

For 15 years, has been researching in each region of France and in each country products with authentic flavors and selecting for you the best, from the French gastronomic traditions to the latest trends. There are as many possible definitions of "bien manger (eating well)" as there are gourmets: for some it's homemade products, for others it's organic eating, consume locally or reproduce the cuisine of the great chefs ... meets all these definitions by focusing on the taste, provenance, quality of products and their manufacture. You will find on this website 6500 products selected from over 900 partners : producers, craftsmen and manufacturers from France and around the world. All products are tested and approved by the tasting committee before being offered on the website.

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